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Online resource sharing of metal materials spot goods.
Online metal materials spot goods resource sharing is established based on the practical need of metal materials e-commerce trading company. It is applied in companies which deal with producing and processing , trading, materials service.  Whether you are registed members or not, you are free of charge to search and publish products on Yong Ming Hui platform. Through sharing the data resource, we want to let all of the enterprises and individuals which in metal materials field to get the below benefit.
1. The resource-sharing data range of Yong Ming Hui: meatal materials industry enterprises’ all producing and processing invetory data, spot goods merchants’ invetory data, material processing enterprises’ surplus invetory data, the self-employed sales invetory data and scrap materials invetory data, etc. These data all can be free published on Yong Ming Hui platform. We will collect, input and manage all the data to ensure the data is true and effective.
2. Yong Ming Hui express the most pratical development mode of China’s metal material trading through the simple e-commerce metwork language. It lets every retailers and buyers easily to use and avoid ineffectively purchasement on other platforms. At the same time, it provides a platform for these who want to start a business in metal materials field.
3. Yong Ming Hui will purchase and sell all the inventory intensively . It will let every company and individuals who in metal materials field enjoy the advantage of “ one man sells hundreds company’s goods and lots of people buy one company’s good”. we will supply a win-win situation since we display all the invetory data, supply reasonable price, sell and purchase with each other.
4. Yong Ming Hui will not charge any membership fees and advertising costs, and it will reduce the enterprises’ cost during e-commerce trading. With the trust and reputation which established under the long-term contact and trading among enterprises and customers, we want to became professional spot goods platform in domestic metal materials field. At the same time, we will creat the new mode which applicated the internet technology on metal material trading field.
5.Through the platform of Yong Ming Hui’s exchange, enterprises gradually form a benign competition among centralized procurement and sales, and avoid vicious competition of price and quality.The resource-sharing of Yong Ming Hui will help enterprises to avoid vicious competition in market like prepare goods repeatedly, stock products excess inventory and arrear payment.We want to build Yong Ming Hui as a professional, honest and resource sharing platform in domestic metal materials trading field.